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Paragon Information Services, LLC offers specific solutions for businesses, law firms and individuals.


Who is working for you? What do you REALLY know about that new hire?  If you’re not conducting a through background check, you may not know - until it’s too late.

Pre-employment background screening is not just for big businesses anymore. In fact, the hardest hit by making uninformed hiring decisions is the small business where losses are felt the most.

Who is pilfering the cash register, or taking inventory out the back door?  Our covert, time-lapsed video cameras will show you exactly who is responsible for those losses.

From pre-employment background screening to employee theft; misuse of technology resources to workplace violence, businesses today are depending more now than ever on private investigators to assist in sensitive areas of company business.

Law Firms

Attorneys practice law. That’s what they are educated and trained to do.  We conduct investigations. That’s what WE’RE educated and trained to do.

We’ve helped hundreds of law firms from around the United States make their cases better, and increased the odds for success.  Whether it’s developing new evidence, or identifing problems with existing evidence, a private investigator is in a much better position to ferret out the information a law firm must have to win cases. If your firm is not using private investigators to the fullest, you might be missing a valuable resource that can help you win your next case.


We have helped individuals in areas including missing persons, criminal defense, child custody and post judgment assistance. We've helped in cases such as non-custodial parent abductions and stalking - cases where law enforcement is not able to, or inadequately prepared to help.

Here's a few of the cases we've worked.

  • The Ledger newspaper needed to locate surviving family members of Viet Nam soldiers from Polk County for a Memorial Day special section. Working from a list of names, age at time of death and cities where the soldiers were from, we were able to locate families of 19 soldiers in less than 24 hours.
  •  A grocery distributor suspected one of their drivers was stealing product intended for delivery to customers.  After several days of surveillance, the Client’s fears were confirmed.  But, it wasn’t just one employee, but SIX employees were captured on video tape stealing goods.
  •  A Bartow, Florida man was suspected of being involved in a murder in Georgia. Our job was to help prove he didn't do it. By reviewing his office and cellular phone records, we were able to establish persons he spoke to during a time the police suspected he was in Georgia. Witnesses and business associates were located and interviewed (as far away as Korea), and that information was given to the authorities in Georgia. The client was cleared of any wrongdoing and two persons in Georgia were later charged with the crime
  • The law firm had a small problem. Their investigator was not able to determine which company manufactured an item in a product liability case. The device was an key piece of evidence in a pending criminal case, so examining the product for clues about the manufacturer was not an option. We were able to learn that a government agency in Tallahassee had purchased the same item months earlier. We filed a Public Records Request and were not only able to obtain the name of the manufacturer, but documents that alleged a similar failing of the product. The case was settled out of court as a result of our discovery.
  • It had been over 20 years since a Lake Alfred man had seen his niece. The recent widower suspected that she was his only living relative. But, his only clue was a letter she sent him in 1976. The return address in Kansas was no longer valid, and she was not listed with Directory Assistance. We were able to locate the niece, who had divorced, remarried and moved to another area of Kansas. When we made contact with the niece to determine if she wanted contact from the client, we learned that she had also been seeking her uncle for years. They met that Christmas for the first time in two decades.
  • Dave Whidden of Lakeland remembers well the night the police searched his house and took him to jail, charged with armed robbery and armed kidnapping. He also remembers telling them that they had made a mistake. But, the police weren't listening. After all, his drivers license photograph had been pointed to by the victim and she identified him as the robber. Whidden maintained his innocence, mortgaged his house to get out of jail, hired an attorney and hired a private investigator. The end result? Our investigator obtained a taped confession from the actual perpetrator who had been arrested in a string of similar robberies throughout Florida. The charges against Whidden were immediately dropped by the Office of State Attorney.

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