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GPS Tracking

GPS Trackers Now Available For Sale/Rent

The next generation of GPS tracking is here now and is available for sale or rent.  We first began using GPS tracking devices in 1999, when the units were big and bulky and had to be hardwired into a vehicle. Times have changed.

gps1The battery powered  GPS trackers are smaller than a pager and can operate for up to  3 months with the optional external battery pack.  There is no need to wire the device into a vehicle’s electrical system.  In fact, you’re not limited to tracking vehicles.

People, packages, boats - you’re tracking is limited to anything you can legally place the device into or attach to.  obdpic


OBD trackers use the vehicle’s battery source to power the unit, so it’s “on” 24/7.  There are no batteries to change and the device is hidden from view



How it works

  • The GPS device receives signals from some of the 27 GPS satellites circling Earth
  • The device determines its precise location through longitute/latitude positioning.
  • The location is reported through the built in cellular technology to a web server, designed to track the GPS device.
  • The device’s location is displayed on a map for the end user to view the current location of the device.

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