Use Free Google Number For “covert” Calls

Google is giving away free telephone numbers and free phone calls, nationwide.   It’s a great way to make and receive phone calls without giving your REAL phone number out.  And, since the Caller ID display will show your Google phone number, the person will not have your true number.  You can sign up for your number at   The page indicates it’s only available now by “invitation” and a link is provided to sign up. I got mine right away, but others have had to wait until being notified their number is ready.

Once you receive your Google phone number, log into the account and enter the telephone number that you want incoming calls transferred to.  We’ll assume you want to direct incoming calls to your cell phone. When someone calls your Google phone number, your cell phone will ring and the caller will be none the wiser.  Their number will show on your Caller ID display, even though the call is coming in via your Google phone number.

If you return the call from your real phone, that number will show on the person’s Caller ID.  To have the Google phone number appear instead, you’ll have to call your Google phone number and place an outgoing call through the system.  Not quite as simple as dialing direct, but for a free service (and to make calls like James Bond) it’s worth the couple of extra steps.

The only downside to using this method to make “sneaky” phone calls is if you direct the incoming calls to go to your real cell phone.  If you do, then your regular voice mail greeting will be heard.  If you don’t mind the person knowing who you really are, but just don’t want to give your true number, then this is a good FREE solution.  If you’d rather have the return call go straight to the Google phone number voice mail system, you can customize the greeting to be whoever you want to be.  Many PI’s use a fictitious name for all pre-text phone calls and use that name in any communication where they do not want to disclose their real name.

If you do not forward calls to another phone number, voice mails left on your Google Voice voice mail system can be forwarded to you as an audio file via email, and the system can transcribe the voice mail into text and send it to your cell phone as a text message.

gDial Pro is a free application for Blackberry, Android and Palm Pre phones that allows you to make outgoing calls from your cell phone and have the Google Voice number appear as the originating number.  The application automates the process of logging in to make the call, and makes the process a little easier – and faster.

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January 2nd, 2010 | Web sites

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